About Us

Beyond Rescue supports open admission shelters in Colorado.

Our Vision

Beyond Rescue supports shelter dogs in local open-admission Colorado shelters.

Our long term goal is to help shelter staff and volunteers become self-sufficient with the resources and volunteer support to improve the well-being of the dogs in their care, reduce length of stay, and increase local adoptions.

Every local adoption fills a home with an altered, vaccinated pet. Every local adopter sets an example for their neighbors to follow to encourage more adoptions.

Local adoptions improve our Colorado communities.

Our Approach

Beyond Rescue’s shelter support activities include:

  • Hands on volunteer work providing activity and enrichment for shelter dogs.
  • Short to long term fostering to evaluate dogs in real home environments and provide relief from shelter stress.
  • Volunteer and staff support to improve shelter programs and activities.
  • Networking with shelter and rescue transfer partners.
  • Marketing, advertising, and networking for adoptions, community programs, and shelter fundraising.

Dogs in Need

If you would like to foster or adopt, please click here to start the application process.

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