Beyond Rescue Kicks off 2019 in Canon City, CO

Cracker takes a load off to rest his sore feet.

Beyond Rescue has set up our home base in Canon City, CO to help support the Humane Society of Fremont County (HSFC).

In mid-January, Beyond Rescue started a pilot program to lease HSFC‘s rental home next to the shelter for 6 months. The property will be used for lodging for our team to spend more time working with the dogs, staff, and volunteers at the shelter.

We will also be using the property to provide lodging and extra support for the Paws Co spay and neuter team who plans to be on site one weekend per month. The Paws Co spay and neuter team works tirelessly to spay and neuter over 100 animals in a single weekend. The house will be a valuable resource to save money on hotels and provide laundry, cleaning, and cooking support to keep the medical team running efficiently.

And most importantly, we will be utilizing the property as a halfway house to help integrate shelter dogs into a home environment to improve their adoptability and to provide some long term residents with much needed recovery breaks to decompress and relax outside of the stressful shelter environment.

Crate Training in progress.

In just the first month working in Canon City, our team has put in over 100 volunteer hours providing support to the shelter staff and volunteers as well as spending time testing, training, and providing extra activity and enrichment to the resident shelter dogs.

Why Canon City, CO?

Beyond Rescue is concentrating our support efforts in the Canon City, CO community for a number of reasons.

Our team has been fostering and volunteering for shelter manager, Kelly Ramos, for several years. The shelter is dedicated to doing everything in their power to give every animal that they care for a chance to be adopted. Unfortunately they are underfunded and understaffed to handle the volume of animals that they take in each year. Just a little bit of extra help added to an already hard-working and welcoming staff can go a very long way.

Kathy McGregor, leader of the shelter’s popular bi-weekly pack walk along the Arkansas River Walk.

HSFC has a wonderful core group of dedicated volunteers and their volunteer ranks are growing steadily. Beyond Rescue will be helping to increase HSFC‘s volunteer numbers and activities by offering guidance, training, and leading new volunteer activity groups.

Canon City, CO is a growing community. More and more people are discovering Fremont County as an appealing place to live. There is a huge amount of new development for public parks along the river, open spaces, and trails. Summer is still the peak season for tourism at the Royal Gorge but more outdoor enthusiasts are discovering that Canon City offers an incredible trail system for biking and hiking that is accessible year round. The local small business community is extremely motivated and supportive. Slowly but surely, new businesses are filling up previously boarded up spaces on main street.

Canon City is a mere 40 minutes south of the 2nd most populated county in Colorado. It’s in an ideal location to be a gateway to Colorado Springs, Denver, and Boulder for many surrounding areas. Canon City is strategically located to be a hub for southern Colorado rescue work. Even while the HSFC shelter is struggling to get by, Kelly Ramos and her team have still managed to reach out and provide support for other communities like Alamosa, La Junta, and Pueblo.

The combination of the HSFC shelter staff and volunteers, supportive community environment, and strategic location makes Canon City an ideal place for Beyond Rescue to focus our efforts. We are excited to see what the future may hold!

Please consider making a donation to help us raise enough funds to keep the shelter rental property long term. We can also always use more dog treats to keep the shelter’s volunteer team well stocked with high value treats for training and enrichment.

Durango settles down in a real comfy bed for a much needed sleep-over break. Click the photo to follow Durango on Facebook and help us find him a furever home!
Long term resident, Sunny, decides he likes hanging out under the table best. Click the photo to follow Sunny on Facebook and help us find him a furever home!
Adoptable Goby taking a much needed break from the shelter.


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